Course type: Preparatory
Course sector: Language training
Course duration: 1 Year (September – June)
Starting date: Octomber/November 2016
Degree: Certificate
Location: Galați, Romania
Tuition fee: € 2200

• at least 70% attendance in classes
• minimum result of 60% in the final examination – the participant can understand written and spoken Romanian, speak and write on the B2
• level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
• academic year: 1.10.2016 – 30.09.2017
• beginning of instruction for the preparatory year: 15.10.2016
• end of instruction: 10.06.2017
• examination: December 2016 (A1 level), February 2017 (A2 level), April 2017 (B1 level), June 2017 (B2 level)
• retake examinations: by 30.09.2017
• 28 weeks, 2 semesters (14 + 14)
• every working day 4 x 50 mins (detailed timetable will be specified in September 2016)
• individual approach for those students coming later than 15th October
“Science” Campus of the “Dunărea de Jos” University of Galaţi, Domnească Str. No 111, M Building, AS Wing, Room 207

• grammar, conversation, reading, listening, vocabulary, specific terminology, basic facts and figures of Romania (culture, history and current issues);
• culture-oriented field trips enabling the participants to practice the acquired language skills in real-life situations.

Documents requested
a) application form 2A ( ;
b) certified translation of the Baccalaureate (high school) Diploma, in Romanian or French/English;
c) certified translation of the high schoolgrades transcripts in Romanian or French / English;
d) copy of thebirth certificateand certified translation;
e) copy of thepassport;
f)health certificatein an international language attesting that the applicant does not suffer from contagious/chronic diseases.
Deadline: September 1, 2016.
The candidate shall submit the above documents directly to the University which further sends them to the Romanian Ministry of Education. This issues a Letter of Acceptance which is the basic document for subsequent enrolment.

Domnească Str. No. 47, Galati,800008, Romania; Room U 109
Tel. 0336 130142
Tel./ Fax 0236 468061
Contact persons:
Associate Professor,PhDGina NECULA– Preparatory Year ProgrammeCoordinator; e-mail:
International Students Office:
Sanda Cruceanu; e-mail::
Aurelia Hrisafopol; e-mail: l:
Provides general information about studying in Romania, information about residence procedures for international students.
We look forward for having you in Galati!

Hi! My name is Denys and I’m from Ukraine. In October 2014 I came to Romania for studying. To be honest I had no idea about the city that I’ve chosen. I have been only a few times in the capital of Romania – Bucharest and that’s it. So Galati was a totally new city for me and I was surprised that there are a lot ofnice places to visit there. I didn’t know Romanian language so I decided to make a preparatory year. That was really exciting because there are many international students from Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Syria, Bulgaria, Egypt, Canada and other countries. It is cool to be able to find out about other traditions by communicating with their interlocutors. You can compare your cultures. You can discuss a lot of interesting things with them and it is easy because all of students in your group are foreigners. For example, when I’m at home, in Ukraine, it is a lil bit hard to go out looking for a foreigner and then start speaking with him, I think it would be weird. And here, in Galati, I was able to do that, I was able to make new friends, and we were able to learn Romanian language and culture together. I would like to thank our professors for those interesting lessons and events created by them to make our study more interesting. Now a lot of native Romanians are wondering how could I learn Romanian in one year, and I say that it’s only because I’ve had high qualified professors. 

Hi! My name is Lisa and I’m from Lebanon.Last year certainly represented a fundamental step in my long journey as a university student. After obtaining your school certificate, your life starts to drastically change as a result of all the new experiences you’ll be exposed to. For that reason, we only understand the word “pressure” at that precise moment. For me, that moment represented departure. A departure to a new beginning, a new country, a strange language, an independent life. A departure to Romania. My first year was the most important step to learn the local dialect, to absorb the Romanian culture, traditions and mentality. In shorter words, it was a most diverse and interesting year. A group of 15 students of different nationalities opened new horizons for me and introduced to different cultures and ideas through daily interactions and endless discussions between us ourselves and between us and our professors.


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Veshët – Poezi nga Kinga Fabó / Translated by Lazer Stani

Galaktika Poetike "ATUNIS"

kinga Fabo

Poezi nga Kinga Fabó


Si të ishin veshët e mi një sakrament, një turmë
shfaqet, para tyre shfaqet. Për fat
Kam veshë të lezetshëm, të mëdhenj
Të thellë e të zgavërt.
Vithet dhe gjoksi I bëshëm po aviten.

Mbërrin e vetmuara. Tim shoq dëshiron.
Mbërrin shtëpiakja, e martuar është, e akullt.
Kur nuk vjen, mëson gjuhë,
në udhëtime.
Lesbikja? Nuk vjen kurrsesi. Edhe pse

Do e joshja! Nëse asgjë s’do dilte prej kësaj,
veshët e mi do lazdroheshin . (Llapushë siç janë.)
Gratë dalldisëse, nuk i ftoj mbi parime
As ndonjë burrë. Unë shkoj
Pas tyre.

Veç veshët e mi janë gjithë ç’duan ata.
Dhe gojet? Dërdëllitëse pafund.
Po veshët e mi?? Veshet e mi janë të shurdhët.
Unë ndërroj veç vëthet herë pas here.
Veshët e mi janë të mitë.

Lazer Satani

Translated by Lazer Stani

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Woman sets out to get arrested to see if ‘white privilege’ exists

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Jilted lover cuts ALL joint possessions in half and sells them on eBay

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Here’s the Secret to Communicating With Irrational, Angry or Crazy People


We all have to deal with our share of hotheads and crazies. What does research say works with them?

First off, you can’t get angry too. Because then there are two crazy people arguing. While very entertaining to onlookers, this doesn’t accomplish much.

Tell yourself they are having a bad day and that it’s not about you:

Telling yourself that an angry person is just having a bad day and that it’s not about you can help take the sting out of their ire, a new study suggests… the researchers monitored participants’ brain activity and found that reappraising another person’s anger eliminated the electrical signals associated with negative emotions when seeing angry faces.

They’re being crazy. You’ll want to shut them up or talk over them. Don’t. It’s a natural reaction but it doesn’t work.

[time-brightcove videoid=3976375908001]

They don’t think they’re wrong. They’ll just interpret it as a…

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Manca un muscolo nel mio David?

Michelangelo Buonarroti è tornato

Vi siete mai accorti che al mio David manca un muscolo? Probabilmente no a meno che non siate dei super esperti in anatomia o conosciate molto bene la mia opera e i dibattiti che ha acceso nel corso dei secoli.

Ebbene. Qualche anno fa i due medici Pietro Antonio Bernabei e Massimo Gulisano, rispettivamente ematologo e anatomista, sono stati interpellati per studiare a fondo l’anatomia del David. Dopo la chiusura serale al pubblico della Galleria dell’Accademia, alcune volte a settimana venivano montati i ponteggi attornioal gigante affinché i due professori potessero guardare e studiare approfonditamente la sua anatomia.

Me l’hanno spulciato da capo a piedi tentando di capire se davvero conoscevo così bene il corpo umano da riprodurlo in maniera perfetta. Li stavo a guardare mentre erano tutti intendi a scrutare il David: avreste dovuto vedere anche voi le loro facce stupite al cospetto delle anatomie impeccabili. Trovarono pane per i loro…

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50 Unique Observations about Albania

Holy Shqip Xhilli is in Albania

After over 75,000 views and over 200 comments I have disabled the comment feature on my blog. I have also provided a response post regarding many of the criticisms that people have had regarding these observations. Thank you again for all the positive comments – your posts really made MY day! Please check out my feedback. Diten e mire!!!

During my short time living in Shipëria, I have noticed many things that are different here, that someone in America may notice.  You may notice that I often use the word different to describe things in Albania, because things are not necessarily better or worse here, but they are different.  In the end, attitude is the main factor in opinions of whether one country in better than another.  I feel that I can learn many things from Albanians and in turn they can learn many things from me.  Neither country is…

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