International Relations

Understanding International Relations.

Scope and Approaches, Some Concepts: Imperials Nationalism, Fascism, Revolution, Some Concepts: State Systems Power, National Interest,Security
Inter-War Period, World War I: Causes, Events and Consequences, Bolshevik Revolution and its Impact, Cold War Period, World War Causes and Consequences (Emergence of Super Powers), Cold War : Meaning, Patterns and Dimensions, Non-Aligned Movement, Arms Race and the Nuclear Threat, Disarmament and Peace Movement, Disarmament and Peace Movement, Emergence of the Third World, Colonialism and Patterns of
National Liberation Movements, Features of the Third World State
End of the Cold War and its Aftermath, the Gulf War, Disintegration of the Socialist, Perspectives on the Changing World Order
Institutions and Organization, Restructuring of the United Nations System, Globalization of the Economy IBRD, IMF and WTO, the Regional Organizations: EU, Asean, APEC, OIC, and OAU
Issues in Development, Environment Sustainable Human Development, Human Rights and International Politics, the Ethno-National Conflicts, Patterns and Dimensions International Terrorism, Revolution in  Communication Technology



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