Jilted lover cuts ALL joint possessions in half and sells them on eBay


German man cuts possessions in half to spite ex-girlfriend 1192894 How to get over a relationship 101 (Picture: eBay)

How to get over a relationship in the age of the internet:

1. Send Snapchats of yourself crying to all your friends.

2. Block your ex on Facebook.

3. Saw all your belongings in half, post her share back to her and flog the other bits on eBay, because nothing says, ‘I hate you and never want to see you again, cheers for stealing the best years of my life,’ like global humiliation and hard labour.

OR if you’re this German dude called Martin, forget points 1 and 2 and get straight to point 3.

And there you were thinking you didn’t deal with your last break-up particularly well.

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