The Real Homeless Jesus

Homeless Jesus - Tales of a Tenderhearted Kid

It’s Friday night. I work at the suicide hotline and tonight I will be there till 11pm. It’s a quiet night. Every once in a while we get calls from loved ones wanting to speak to patients who are currently admitted to out psychiatric unit. “Yes, can I please have 2 East?” Sure, I say. “Is there anything else I can do for you ma’m?” Transfer, then silence again.

I’m reading No Meat Athlete. It’s boring. And in part inaccurate and full of things I already know. My coworker isn’t bored. She is actually having a reaction to something she’s reading. It’s an article on a sculpture titled the Homeless Jesus.

homeless jesus

It looks real doesn’t it? It’s a brilliant piece of art if you ask me. A woman called the police because she thought it was a real homeless person. It has caused quite a controversy in Davidson, NC…

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