How To Spot A Liar

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originalI’ve used this activity with both FCE and CAE classes to add another element to speaking practice.  It includes a bit of listening and a spot of lying.  My students enjoyed the challenge of being a convincing liar and also guessing other students’ lies.

Start with the trusty old two truths and a lie. When they’ve finished, ask them if anyone guessed the lie correctly, and if they did, how they knew.

If they haven’t already come up in the previous feedback, elicit/teach make up (as in invent), rub (as in hands), tap (as in fingers), and lean forward.

Now give them the multiple choice hand-out on spotting a liar.  (I think I must have got this from somewhere but I’m afraid I can’t remember where.) Students read the questions and predict the answers.

How to spot a liar

Then the students watch the clip of this FBI man being…

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