Busker stunned as man who recorded original song joins him in impromptu performance


A street musician performing a 1980 classic got the surprise of his life when the lead singer from the band walked up and sang along with him.

The moment was caught in Berlin, Germany, by a passer-by on his mobile phone, who then posted it on YouTube.

The one-minute clip showed the busker performing his version of Bronski Beat’s hit record Smalltown Boy before being approached by a man who turned out to be frontman Jimmy Somerville.

A member of Onkel Bernis Welt, who filmed the footage, wrote: ‘What a huge surprise for this street musician and us!

‘Awesome, things like that only happen in Berlin!’

The video has become an online hit since being published and has already gained more than 230,000 views.

Viewer Benedict Harris added: ‘Haha yea what a crazy small world we live in. Great song and it must have been a great moment for both…

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