Banksy sets up stall in Central Park selling original paintings worth £20,000 for just £38 but fails to find many buyers

Banksy always seems to have the last laugh and his latest stunt in New York’s Central Park, where he tried and failed to flog his artwork anonymously and on the cheap, was no different.

The British street artist set up a stall, to be manned by an unknown elderly gentleman, on a main thoroughfare in the middle of the city.

A number of his pieces which were ‘100 per cent authentic and signed’ were on show, each costing $60 (£38) – a considerable mark down from their actual estimated value of up to £20,000 per canvas.

 Banksy sells artwork worth £20,000 for £38 in latest stunt
Beginning of the day and no customers just yet… (Picture: YouTube/Banksy NY)

The all-day one-off stint was filmed and posted on YouTube yesterday, showing the crowds meander on past without so much as a stop-and-look – at least for the first four hours.

At 3pm the old man gets his first sale of the day – a woman who buys two of the small pieces for her children but only after a haggling for a 50 per cent discount.

(Picture: YouTube/Banksy NY)
In the afternoon a woman from New Zealand buys two original pieces (Picture: YouTube/Banksy NY)

Two more buyers come forward before the end of the day, including a man that has just moved into a new house and ‘just needed something for the walls’.

The stunt is seen as a commentary on the art world and coincides with Banksy’s month-long exhibition in New York called Better Out Than In, in which he secretly creates a new artwork every day and posts his progress on Instagram.



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